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Research and Development

Research & Development

The “trendsetting” formulas of Pura are an innovation developed in the Netherlands. The philosophy behind these powerful powder-based formulas is based on two elementary facts in the logistic / executive process of daily professional cleaning. Developing a powerful professional cleaner which is safe and friendly for people, animals and the environment in a highly concentrated formula.

Pura uses natural and friendly ingredients, which are continuously tested by the Pura R & D team on quality, origin and the ecological footprint.
By removing the water component we have achieved a saving of up to 96% in comparison to the existing cleaning products from the industry.
This successful combination results in huge savings for people, the environment and logistics.

The Pura R & D team is constantly looking for the latest innovations in the packaging industry and is collaborating with the Dutch Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) to assay, test and evaluate sustainable solutions.

In addition to the “standard” sustainable cleaning products, Pura R & D also offers tailor-made solutions for various industries.

Contact our sales department for an explanation of the possibilities for your organization.

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