Pura Premium Starter Smart Box

Pura Premium Starter Smart Box


Premium Starter Smart Box from Pura: 8 different premium cleaning products.
Packed in 1 Smartbox for a special price…… Save up to 50% NOW.

Product features
A Pura selection of high quality cleaners for your daily cleaning job.
We have selected our most sold items and present them in 1 box, …….so whats inside:

  • 12 pcs Sanitary Cleaner 1L
  • 1 pcs Sanitary Descaler Gel 750ml
  • 12 pcs Kitchen Degreaser 1L
  • 10 pcs Floor Cleaner 10L
  • 12 pcs Carpet Cleaner 1L
  • 12 pcs Interior Cleaner 5L
  • 12 pcs Stainless Steel & Glass Cleaner 1L
  • 6 pcs Laundry special Microfiber 6~8 kg

Directions for use
See the directions of use per item in the specific page on this webshop or download the product fact sheets.

Products are presented in a single dose dissolvable transparent foil and packed by 1, 6, 10 or 12 pcs in a compostable packaging.

PH level: 4 up to 8

Drop it, dissolve it, clean it

Equivalent dosage smartbox:
The Pura starter smartbox contains the equivalent of 220 Liter ready to use cleaning detergent

1 cartonbox contains the equivalent of 8 times the matching smartbox content


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Thumbnail Contents Packing PriceQuantity
Pura Premium Starter Smart Box - 075ml-1l-5l-and-10l - smartbox-77-pcs 0,75ml, 1L , 5L and 10Lsmartbox 77 pcs 53.96 26.95
Pura Premium Starter Smart Box - 075ml-1l-5l-and-10l - cartonbox-8-smart-box 0,75ml, 1L , 5L and 10LCarton Box 8 * Smart box 366.00 215.60

Additional information

Weight N/A
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0,75ml, 1L , 5L and 10L


smartbox 77 pcs, Carton Box 8 * Smart box


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