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Pura Production Group develops & produces powerful industrial cleaners with a sustainable and friendly character for environment and process. A unique combination that is often considered impossible.

The Pura professional cleaning products (basic line) are suitable for every type of industry from: Petrochemicals, Marine, Offshore, Food Industry to the Automotive industry. This basic line consists of various alkaline to acid-supported granules / powder formulas for, for instance, hard surfaces, aluminum, oil spill cleaning and cement removal.

With the unique powder-based formula of Pura, we reduce the volume of weight compared to the liquid-borne competitor by up to 96%. Minimum transport and storage restrictions. But perhaps the biggest advantage is the completely sustainable composition of the Pura products, cleaning without burdening mother nature.

Available in various dosages “portion controlled packaging” from 1 liter.

Pure benefits for Industrial:

  • Minimum storage space

  • Gray water becomes ECO water (reduce your waste processing costs)

  • Safe in use and storage

  • Use with any type of water

  • Customized solution

  • Extremely good price / quality ratio

  • Minimum transport restrictions

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A selection of our Industrial products:

Industrial Basic Cleaner

Industrial Basic Cleaner designed for cleaning garages, workshops and industrial surfaces. Easily removes grease and oil and can be used manually or with a high pressure cleaner. Does not leave any residue.

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Industrial Heavy Cleaner

Industrial Heavy Cleaner designed for the heavy duty environments, oil and grease polluted surfaces. Easily removes grease and oil and can be used manually or with a high pressure cleaner. Always rinse with clean water.

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Aluminum Cleaner

Aluminum Cleaner for spotless results on all aluminum surfaces. A powerful product extremely suitable for the cleaning of all other types of aluminium surfaces.

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Rust & Lime Cleaner

Rust and Lime Remover the non-hazardous acid for effortless cleaning. A powerful product for the removal of limescale or cement residue and is also an excellent rust remover.

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Kitchen Degreaser Ultra

Kitchen Degreaser Ultra from Bright Facilities® is eco-friendly©.  A next generation cleaner for daily/periodic cleaning of professional kitchens, restaurants, company canteens and spaces where food products are prepared.

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PURA develops, produces and sells cleaning products that are safe for the environment

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