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Hospitality and Leisure

Hospitality and Leisure

Hospitality and Leisure, an industry where experience, hygiene and quality are essential. An essential part of this success is the “clean experience” in the broadest possible sense. From clean sheets to polished floors and a radiant glass in the restaurant.

Pura supplies a complete package of environmentally friendly professional cleaning products in a unique portion controlled packaging. Reduce your storage in cleaning products with the super concentrated formula of Pura and create optimal efficiency in your cleaning procedure, thanks to the ready-made unique single dose formula.

A complete line of hard surface cleaners with the highest sustainable certifications and fully color coded according to the HACCP guidelines packaged in the most friendly packaging available in the industry. With the products line of Pura, sustainable business is the new standard.

Pure benefits for the Hospitality & Leisure:

  • Full color-coded products and packaging conform HACCP

  • Reduce your storage space up to 94%

  • Full compostable packaging (certified)

  • Wide product range, daily and periodic cleaners

  • Unique portion-controlled packaging

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A selection of our Hospitality and Leisure products:

Sanitary Cleaner

Sanitary Cleaner designed for bathroom surfaces like: tiles (ceramic, marble), mirrors, glass, sinks, fixtures, toilet seats, flush buttons, door handles and other high contact area and floors.


Interior Cleaner

Interior Cleaner from Blue Right® is eco-friendly© and designed to revitalize the natural gloss on all your interior surfaces.


Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner 100% neutral cleaner designed for: marble, tiles, wood, and all other water-resistant surfaces. Floor Cleaner from Blue Right® is eco-friendly©.  A next generation cleaner for daily cleaning of floors.


Kitchen Cleaner

Kitchen Cleaner from Blue Right® is eco-friendly©. A next generation cleaner for daily cleaning of professional kitchens, restaurants, company canteens and spaces where food products are prepared.


Stainless Steel & Glass Cleaner

Stainless Steel & Glass Cleaner especially designed to create the best view on your environment. Ready-to-use stainless steel and glass cleaner with special composition. Takes care of all dirt on stainless steel, glass, plastics, mirrors and washable surfaces.


Dish Wash Proline+ P2C

Dish Wash Proline+ P2D from Bright Facilities® is eco-friendly©.  A next generation Dish Wash cleaner for daily cleaning of pots and pans, plates and kitchen utensils.


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PURA develops, produces and sells cleaning products that are safe for the environment

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