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Fitness and Wellness

Fitness & Wellness

Pura Fitness and Wellness products are 100% environmental friendly, minimalize waste and fulfills the needed awareness off sustainability of life.
As we find ourselves relaxing or pushing our bodies to the limit during training, we must not forget the environment around us and how we keep that environment in shape.

That environment doesn’t stop at the front door of the health center, sauna or gym, cleaning the indoor with hazardous chemicals is damaging to the world, the same world we want to maintain as long as possible.

Pura provides all needed environmental friendly, full cradle to cradle cleaning products including the needed tools to change your environmental fingerprint.
The innovative high-quality Pura formulas are super concentrated and therefor extremely efficient on logistics and storage.
This combination makes that Pura can provide you a product, competitive and affordable, without compromising Quality.

Contact Pura for your Fitness & Wellness Slim Fit plan.

Pure benefits for Fitness & Wellness:

  • Special developed products for fitness equipment cleaning

  • Fitness Floor+ cleaners (all type floors)

  • Unique scented product line

  • Hand soap foam inclusive dispensers (printed and color variations)

  • Scent marketing option (give your fitness or wellness club the overall unique smell)

  • Smart Fit plan (different monthly package deals customized to your needs)

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A selection of our Fitness & Wellness products:

Sani Fit

Daily sanitary cleaner for high intense used sanitary surfaces like: tiles (ceramic, marble) mirrors, glass, sinks. toilets seats. flush buttons etc……

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Equip clean

Daily (PH neutral) fitness equipment cleaner with high hygienic power for a clean fit solution for your customers, luxury scented product.

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Gym Floor+

Daily (PH neutral) floor cleaner with a high degreasing power, fits on all type gym, wellness or fitness floors and materials.
Get rid of sweat and body oils & grease stains easily with the gym floor+.

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Glass Fit

Get your glass walls, mirrors or glossy surfaces nice and shiny with the powerful Glass Fit formula from Pura.

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Discover The Future

PURA develops, produces and sells cleaning products that are safe for the environment

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