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Cleaning Companies

Cleaning Companies

Pura provides a wide range of daily cleaners in a unique single dose portion-controlled formula. The full HACCP color coded compostable packaging’s contains 12 pieces of the specific cleaner such as: interior, sanitary, floor, stainless steel & glass, carpet cleaner and many more. All product labels are fully designed with all needed info about usage and working methods, so easy to use and implement in your company strategy.

The unique smartbox packaging with smart designed product label allows you to create optimal overview over the products stored on a shell in your storage locker.

Save over 94% in volume and weight on current cleaning products and create more space for other needed tools and equipment.

All technical files such as PFS (product fact sheets) are color coded accordingly to the specific product colors and HACCP zone.

The Pura products from the BlueRight product range are fully proof for microfiber cloths/rags and mops. We even supply a special designed Laundry Special Microfiber product to clean these in “cold/hot” water starting from 30°Celsius/ 86°Farenheit.

Pura manufactures the friendliest cleaners in the market without making concessions to quality and efficiency.

Many companies and countries are changing their strategies to commit to a full circle economy.

By choosing the Pura product line your customer will automatically upscale his corporate social responsibility together with you.

For more info on the environmental advantages and environmental certifications per market sector please contact our sales team.

Pure benefits for Cleaning Companies:

  • Full color coded smart unique compostable packaging (minimize waste)

  • Superb storage efficient presentation (fits all shelf smartbox packaging)

  • Easy to use cleaning procedure (full color coded PFS sheets available)

  • Hypoallergenic cleaning products save for daily use

  • Start-up training service by Pura (optional per country)

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A selection of our Cleaning Company products:

Sanitary Cleaner

World’s #1 environmental friendly, portion controlled, 100% pure cleaning product.
Sanitary Cleaner designed for bathroom surfaces like: tiles (ceramic, marble), mirrors, glass, sinks, fixtures, toilet seats, flush buttons, door handles and other high contact area and floors.

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Interior cleaner P2D Concentrated Mix

Interior Cleaner P2D from Bright Facilities® is eco-friendly©.  A next generation cleaner concentrate for daily cleaning of interiors with a fresh touch ocean breeze. A high concentrated mix for dosage systems or 1L Dosy bottles.

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Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner 100% neutral cleaner designed for: marble, tiles, wood, and all other water-resistant surfaces. Floor Cleaner from Blue Right® is eco-friendly©.  A next generation cleaner for daily cleaning of floors.

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Floor Heavy Cleaner Concentrated Mix

The product can be used on all non poreus water resistant floors. Suitable for both mopping by hand and for use in scrubbers and water suction machines.

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Sanitary Descaler Gell

Sanitary Descaler Gell designed for hygenical cleaning of toiletbowls: a strong acid based descaler gell that easily cleans the interior of toilets. The innovative Gell action allows the product to work also below the watersurfaceline.

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Discover The Future

PURA develops, produces and sells cleaning products that are safe for the environment

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