Stainless Steel & Glass Cleaner

Stainless Steel & Glass Cleaner

World’s #1 environmental friendly, portion controlled, 100% pure cleaning product.
Stainless Steel & Glass Cleaner especially designed to create the best view on your environment.

Product features
Stainless Steel & Glass Cleaner from Blue Right® is eco-friendly©.  A next generation cleaner for daily cleaning of stainless steel and glass. Dries without leaving marks.

Ready-to-use stainless steel and glass cleaner with special composition. Takes care of all dirt on stainless steel, glass, plastics, mirrors and washable surfaces.

Directions for use
Preferred cleaning procedure: Start with sprayer bottle: spray the product on the surfaces and/or micro-fiber cloth. Then use the wet cleaning method, with micro-fiber cloth, with the appropriate color label. Use a 5 litre or 10 litre bucket with cleaning solution. Clean the surfaces with the damp dry cloth, rinse the cloth frequently in the bucket. Let the surfaces dry by air.

Stainless Steel & Glass Cleaner Sales Factsheet