Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

World’s #1 environmental friendly, portion controlled, 100% pure cleaning product.
Floor Cleaner 100% neutral cleaner designed for: marble, tiles, wood, and all other water-resistant surfaces.

Product features
Floor Cleaner from Blue Right® is eco-friendly©.  A next generation cleaner for daily cleaning of floors.

The product can be used on all water resistant floors, such as lino, PVC, screed, natural stone and all other surfaces. Leaves a refreshing aroma after cleaning. Suitable for both mopping by hand and for use in scrubbers and water suction machines.

Directions for use
Preferred cleaning procedure: Start with bottle sprayer: spray the product on the floor. Then use the spray or wet cleaning method, with mop system with the appropriate color label. Use a 5 litre or 10 litre bucket with cleaning solution. Clean the surfaces with the damp dry cloth, rinse the cloth frequently in the bucket. Let the surfaces dry by air.  For floor use the mop method.

Floor Cleaner Sales Factsheet