Baby Bright

Baby Bright

World’s #1 environmental friendly, portion controlled, 100% pure cleaning product.
Baby Bright designed to revitalise the natural gloss on all your baby interior surfaces, with a stripe less result.

Product features
Baby Bright from Blue Right® is eco-friendly©. A next generation cleaner for daily cleaning of baby interiors.

A mild baby interior cleaner for the day-to-day cleaning of all baby interiors. Effortlessly removes all types of commonly occurring dirt and grime.

Directions for use
Preferred cleaning procedure: Start with sprayer bottle: spray the product on the surfaces and/or micro-fiber cloth. Then use the wet cleaning method, with micro-fiber cloth, with the appropriate color label. Use a 5 litre or 10 litre bucket with cleaning solution. Clean the surfaces with the damp dry cloth, rinse the cloth frequently in the bucket. Let the surfaces dry by air.

Baby Bright Label
Baby Bright Product Factsheet


Protecting the future starts with our next generation. Reduce the impact of toxic exposures in children and contribute to creating healthier environments in the places where children live, play, learn and work. Pura has developed a 100% friendly neutral cleaning formula for our most precious environments.

Baby Bright a safe product for the next generation. Innovation is not just about changing ingredients.
We believe it’s about changing our environmental footprint in every aspect of our company, and the way we contribute to protect our planet for the next generation by allowing ourselves to be different.


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The list of chemicals that can affect brain development in children has grown. In a study out today in The Lancet Neurology, researchers outline new chemicals that may be contributing to what they dub the “global, silent pandemic of neurodevelopmental toxicity.” In 2006, the team had released a list of five neurotoxins that may contribute to everything from cognitive deficits to attention problems. Now that list is expanded, based on new research that has since accumulated on chemicals linked to developmental disorders in children. Today, they outline six more. …

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Source: Forbes: Alice G. Walton – The author is a Forbes contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer. FEB 15, 2014