Pura© has developed a new generation portion controlled and cost effective powder based cleaning formula. A range of high quality products for all type environments and surfaces. This groundbreaking formula is based on only 100% natural and save to use ingredients.

The revolutionary Pura© formula is the highest concentrated cleaning product in the current market. This will not only safe on the logistic costs but also reduce your current used storage locations.

A ready to use powder based product easily dissolving in any type of water will optimize the cost efficiency. No more excessive usage or overdosing by using the Pura© formula. The products are packed in a water soluble foil that will dissolve completely in water. (see directions for use)


The Pura formula has many advantages:

1. Portion Control = Cost Control

2. 100% natural environmental friendly ingredients

3. High quality products

4. Color Coded packaging and labeling (HACCP)

5. Minimal Waste

6. Safe to use (pH neutral based cleaners)

7. No Hazardous Chemicals

8. Innovative Hygienically cleaning formula

9. Reduce your storage surface

10. Long shelf life packaging (1 year)

Conclusion: The sum of the benefits will result in a cost reduction and total savings.