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About Pura

PURA “Connecting the Cleaning Environment”

Pura Production Group (PPG) is based in 2 strategic locations among which in the Netherlands and “Miami” USA.
Pura Production Netherlands BV is the headquarters of Research and Development and is based in Numansdorp the Netherlands.

Pura developed a Pure Dutch Quality cleaning product that meets the requirements for a full circular economy. Pura Production Group strives for an optimal product presentation and therefor follows and implements the latest trends on packaging worldwide. Together with a strong group of very enthusiastic and dedicated employees, PPG’s mission and vision will be to change the traditional way off cleaning, optimize efficiency in logistics & storage and increase the experience in environmental and waste awareness in the cleaning industry.

Pura Production Group (PPG) works with enthousistic and dedicated distributors in many different countries like: Mexico, Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, St Martin, Suriname, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain and Italy.
Please fill in the contact form or email us at info@pura-group.com when you want to get in contact with one off our distributors.

Are you interested by what we do at Pura….. and you want to be our partner for your region please contact us at: info@pura-group.com

Lets work together for a better and cleaner environment…..

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