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Circular Economy          

Pura Production Group (PPG) is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly cleaning products in a unique “portion” controlled packaging according to the full Cradle to Cradle principle, a concept which we will hear a lot of in the future – a “Circular Economy”.

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Market Segments          

Hospitality & Leisure

Pura offers a turn-key solution for hotel and restaurant chains. A total package of professional cleaning products for all surfaces in and around your business.

The innovative 100% natural formula from Pura offers extensive possibilities to support your business concept, in sustainability and waste management. Contact our sales for a customized offer for your organization.

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The professional industrial cleaning products from Pura are suitable for every type of industry, from: petrochemical, marine, offshore, food industry to automotive industry. Pura supplies various alkaline to acidic granulate/powder based formulas. In every quantity for every surface and pollution.

Are you looking for an optimization in your cleaning process?
Pura Research and Development team offers specially developed solutions for the industrial industry to efficiently and optimally clean production processes based on natural ingredients.

Possible benefits with the products of Pura:

  • Shorter rinsing procedures (no hazardous chemicals to remove)

  • Save water because of shorter rinsing

  • Friendly for gaskets and seals

  • No storage restrictions

Contact our sales for all possibilities for your business.

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Fitness & Wellness

Specialized cleaning products for your fitness equipment or sports floors and a complete range of hygienical cleaners for your changing rooms and sanitary environments including a wide range of luxury scented hand soaps, bodywash and scent systems.

Pura Products, the turn key solution for your Fitness or Wellness company.

Tailor-made formulas for your organization with an appropriate fragrance for an optimal experience.
Pura offers more than just Fit ingredients.

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Cleaning Companies

Optimization in your internal logistic process through the innovative high concentrated products of Pura. We offer the solution for storage and transport through an (average) saving of 95% on volume and weight, compared to the regular professional cleaners in the market. Portion controlled (cost control) daily and periodic cleaners, safe for your staff and the environment. Ask our sales team for the full Cradle 2 Cradle solutions with the Pura products.

Pura offers training and coaching for a efficient and optimal use of the innovative Pura products.

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Pura manufactures the highest concentrated and purest version of professional cleaning products available in the market. A wide range of 100% natural based cleaning products for various market segments. Not only do we use natural ingredients for the products, but we are also very aware of the full circle cradle to cradle in every aspect.

Reduce your logistics up to 96% and save on Carbon dioxide pollution. Advanced sustainable packaging solutions. Color coded and portion controlled cleaning products.

Imagine a world in which we can enjoy the full potential of nature, where we don’t have to have discussions about whether a product is safe for the environment or the ecological system. We believe we need to change the mind-set from “everything for the money” to “let’s take care of our planet”. To get this mind-set we need to think different. We need to ‘think blue’, not green. We believe that blue is the new green! PURA© does not only  develop, produce and sell products that are safe for the environment but we also think it is important to invest in charitable institutions, that is why we invested in the Blue Peter Water Benefit. This institution believes that everyone has the right to have access to clean drink water.

The future in cleaning is here…. with Pura

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Contact Pura Production Group for all of your questions or place an order directly through our contact form.

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