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PURA “Connecting the Cleaning Environment”

We from PURA© are passionate, we are unique and maybe a little bit arrogant. We are a great team with multidisciplinary backgrounds from sales to chemistry professionals and from designing to public administration oriented people. Combining different disciplines and practical wisdom is the key to a great Global Awareness company. But in the end this story is not about us, it is about you. Because you are the key to making this planet a better and cleaner place.

Imagine a world in which we can enjoy the full potential of nature, where we don’t have to have discussions about whether a product is safe for the environment or the ecological system. We believe we need to change the mind-set from “everything for the money” to “let’s take care of our planet”. To get this mind-set we need to think different. We need to ‘think blue’, not green. We believe that blue is the new green! PURA© does not only  develop, produce and sell products that are safe for the environment but we also think it is important to invest in charitable institutions that is why we invested in the Blue Peter Water Benefit. This institution believes that everyone has the right to have access to clean drink water.

Innovation is not just about changing ingredients, it is about changing the environmental footprint in every aspect. We want to change the world by …

  • Offering a range of high quality cleaning products which clean the planet, not only our buildings;
  • Inspiring people not only by ‘thinking blue’ but also by ‘acting blue’;
  • Being economically and ecologically efficient;
  • Creating products that are safe to use and are used to save.

In order to be a world changer and a successful company, we need to invest as much in our vision as in our organisational culture. Even more, our organisational culture needs to represent our vision. Our culture is open, transparent and straightforward, just like the Dutch are known in the world. The Dutch Quality. Besides that, work does not always have to be a serious business. We have fun with each other, because in our opinion that is the situation where creativity appears.

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